The finite game is depicted as a line that terminates in a perpendicular line, because a finite game has an end, with a winner and loser. The infinite game is depicted as a figure eight on its side because it has no end. The goal of the infinite game is not to to win but to continue the play.
Finite games have an end, set rules, and a winner. Infinite games do not.

Sometimes designers and design orgs get caught up in who “owns” a decision, or over-rotate to process rather than collaboration. Ownership and process can be good tools for providing clarity and moving work forward, but when over-used, ownership and process can set us up to be opponents of the very…

Photo of clouds and grass to contrast SaaS and on-prem software.

In our Design all-hands last month, one of the questions for me was “What is the top priority for us as designers to enable the shift towards SaaS?” My immediate answer was that everyone should take the internal training that had been developed to familiarize themselves with SaaS. …

Pictures of the author at UX conferences, with friends and colleagues, as a speaker and as an attendee. Image also include a photo of a certificate for chairing the Tutorials submissions for UXPA International one year.
Pictures from a few of the conferences I’ve attended

“To go fast, go alone. To go far, go together.”
— In Simon Sinek’s book, Together is Better

There are many paths to success and fulfillment as a user experience professional. But few, if any, of them involve working alone. As I look back at the last 15 years of…

Escalation conjures images of military conflict.

I’ve worked at a lot of large tech companies, where “escalation” is a go-to tactic for resolving conflict. Have an uncooperative stakeholder? Escalate. Have a colleague or team that is resistant to your great idea? Escalate! Have a dependency on another organization to make your products work together? ESCALATE!


Photo of the sky from a place on the ground that is surrounded by skyscrapers.

I know, it sounds like clickbait, but I’m going to give you the best advice I can, and I’m not going to make you scroll through pages or watch a video. I want to help you. And this one thing really can save you millions in the long run.


As a hiring manager, I’ve seen hundreds of UX resumes and thousands of work samples. Most of things that people claim to be “portfolios” are not, and if they are, they frequently have trouble presenting them to my team. So as a hiring manager, I’m writing this article as much…

Jen McGinn

User experience and product design leader. Startup advisor. Mentor. Adjunct professor. Wife. Mom. Home renovator.

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